Yangzhou Qinye Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.

Yangzhou Qinye Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Touqiao, the capital of medical equipment in China. Our company is a manufacturer specializing in single-use medical devices. The production equipment assets are more than 5 million, and now it mainly produces polymer products and disposable medical equipment products. The main products are: various plastic accessories for disposable medical products (test tubes, tongue depressors, amniotic fluid hooks, hemostatic forceps, medical forceps, probes, probes, umbilical cord clips, catheter clips, various medical product connectors, drainage bag accessories, etc. ), production of various injection plastic products, etc. The company has a large number of advanced and professional production equipment and testing instruments. To ensure better products and customer satisfaction. The company takes "quality assurance, customer satisfaction" as its corporate tenet, formulates a strict management system, and regulates a complete set of inspection procedures from raw materials in storage to finished products leaving the factory. Prevent substandard products from flowing into the next process, and formulate a quality responsibility system that the workshop director is responsible for, so as to achieve quality management for all employees, so that product quality is guaranteed; at the same time, continuously improve the professional level and quality of inspectors, and meticulously make various inspections Work to ensure that the products are qualified and leave the factory; and improve the after-sales service and information feedback management system, continuously enhance customer satisfaction, and better serve the majority of users with products.

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